Use our service for free

If you choose to have a sponsor pay for your MessageMadeEasy service, we will send the bill to the sponsor and they pay your monthly fees. In return your sponsor can pre-record a 15 second message that is played prior to your message when you send your messages out. Also, the sponsor can enter a 50 character message that is sent with every text your organization sends out.

The call is broken into 3 parts. First your organization pre-records an introduction up to 10 seconds in length, "Hello, this is an important message from City Youth Sports. Please hold the line for your message."

Then your sponsor's 15 second pre-recorded your message would play, "ABC Pizza is proud sponsor of city youth sports. Stop in after baseball tonight or call us at 888-555-5555 to order your pizza now. That’s 888-555-5555 to place an order now."

Immedately following this message your message plays, "This is Coach Smith and tonights practice has been changed to field #4."

Sponsorship is a win/win for both the organization and the sponor. It gives your organization the ability to use and helps promote your sponsors in the community you live.

If you don't have a sponsor, that's ok, too. will sponsor your group until we can find one for you.