Advertisers Whether you’re managing a group of 20 or 2,000 employees you need an effective way to communicate. Do you have a way to get a message to everyone instantly about a critical situation or when the power is out? You’ll love our contact management and communication service that allows you send thousands of voice messages, e-mails and text messages to everyone within minutes. There is no software to purchase or download.

Create as many sub-groups as you need. Customers, employees, shifts, at IT can all be given built as independent groups. This way you can target which group your message it sent. Communicate by sending one voice message, text or e-mail message to reach their specific group.

Use our free “opt in” feature and your employees can decide from which groups they want to receive messages and can enter multiple phone numbers and e-mail addresses so you are sure to reach them. When you use our “opt in” feature, there is no need for staff to manage and track down phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

Benefits you will see when you use MessageMadeEasy:
  • Your Caller ID shows up on every call you make
  • If the call isn't answered, we will leave a message; if the line is busy, we'll call it back
  • Send voice or text messages with no additional fees
  • Send your voice broadcast from any phone enabled device, from anywhere, anytime
  • Each contact can have multiple phone numbers
  • Download a media kit and have your group sign up for the service on their own
  • Create a message and broadcast immediately or schedule for a certain time
  • Easily manage your contact lists by giving contacts access to the Opt in feature link & Icon
  • No equipment or hardware to purchase or download